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World Reflexology Week - What does the research say...

One large review by Kunz and Kunz (2008) summarised 168 research studies and abstracts from around the world. Based on the studies they reviewed, Kunz and Kunz concluded that reflexology may:

* Have an impact on specific organs (e.g., fMRI readings demonstrated an increase in blood flow to kidneys and to the intestines)

* Be associated with an amelioration of symptoms (e.g., positive changes were noted in kidney functioning with kidney dialysis patients)

* Create a relaxation effect (e.g., EEGs measure alpha and theta waves, blood pressure was decreased, and anxiety was lowered)

 * Aid in pain reduction (27 studies demonstrated a positive outcome for reduction in pain; e.g., chest pain, peripheral neuropathy of diabetes mellitus, kidney stones, and osteoarthritis)

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Happy World Reflexology Week!
Clinical Reflexology is a non-invasive, complementary therapy that works alongside conventional medical care, it helps to create homeostasis within the body, induce relaxation and promote circulation, based on the theory that different points on the feet correspond with different areas of the body.
Benefits of Reflexology include:~ Stress relief, restoring energy levels, improving sleep, relaxation, stimulate nerve function, speeds up recovery after injury, eliminates toxins and activates the body's healing system.
All the systems of the body are worked on the feet, Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Digestive, Urinary, Endocrine, Nervous, Cardiovascular, Integumentary, Reproductive and Lymphatic helping to re balance your body to achieve healing and well-being in a relaxing way.

Did you know that many Health Insurance companies now include a range of treatments including 'Clinical Reflexology' that you can claim back?
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"Depression is a common mental disorder wherein patients experience prolonged melancholy. In serious cases, depression might lead to suicidal thoughts and behaviors, flattening of emotions, weakening willpower and physical pathologies. Globally, depression is responsible for a serious impact on patients’ work performance and quality of lives. Hence, finding the most effective treatment has become a matter of utmost urgency to medical researchers around the world. Acupuncture has an ancient and well documented history for the treatment of mental illness. The study focuses on a scientific comparison between drug therapy and acupuncture therapy."

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