The benefits of drinking Pau D’Arco (Lapacho) Tea:


Pau D’Arco (Lapacho) tea is derived from the inner bark of a giant hardwood tree that is native to the amazon rainforest in South America. In Brazil it is known as the tree of life! This tea is rich in essential vitamins and minerals that help maintain health and vitality.

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In Chinese medicine the season autumn is associated with metal and the lungs. Moving away from the external in summer we now move to the internal.

Here are a few ways to protect your lungs and boost your health this autumn and for the year to come: 

Walk Outside –

We can strengthen our lungs by walking outside and breathing deeply through our nose; the air in autumn takes on a new crispness and filling your lungs with that clean, cool autumn air is what we need. Plus it’s one of the most beautiful seasons to do it!

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Autumn Homemade Tea Recipes

In Autumn or whenever you tend to be tired and stretched beyond your limits from overwork, family commitments, addictions, emotional stress, it pays to take some special precautions in order to prevent becoming run down and sick.  


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